Signing of or confirming to any of the EduStudy Application/Registration Forms, either online or in hardcopy format, implies full understanding of and agreement to the terms and conditions as set out on this page or that may be contained in any official EduStudy published documentation, electronically or otherwise.

The EduStudy study process provides for studies and/or training to be conducted in terms of a Blended-Learning Tuition Model which provides for Distance Education, Contact Tuition as well as the use of Online Study Platforms and E-learning technology. Study manuals, tutorial letters, tuition instructions as well as actual assessment is conducted via the relevant EduStudy or associated university Online Study Platform or alternatively via distance education or contact sessions where applicable.  

The signature, electronically or otherwise, of the applicant/parent/guardian on any EduStudy form indicates that the terms and conditions, as well as the format, content, administrative and study methodology, as reflected on the EduStudy website (www.edustudy.co.za) and relevant documentation, is understood and agreed to. The applicant/parent/guardian understands and agrees that reasonable changes to the format, costs, content and administrative and study methodology to enhance the educational and business experience may not be sited as reason to cancel any registration or agreement.

The student or person assuming responsibility for the payment of EduStudy study fees undertakes to fax copies of the study deposit, ID, salary slip and bank statement (where applicable) upon registration to the EduStudy fax number (086-6513838) as indicated on the EduStudy website and that failure to do so does not constitute an act of de-registration or cancellation of any agreement with EduStudy. The signatory/ies guarantee/s that the information on the relevant application form is correct (irrespective and notwithstanding the person who completed the form and information herein contained).

The signatory/ies agrees that by registering with EduStudy a binding agreement has been established which entitles the Student to either commence with studies and to receive the necessary administrative and academic support in accordance with the payment requirements as reflected on the EduStudy website or relevant documentation.

The signatory/ies understands and agrees that the full amount of the course offering (Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Post-Degree or Training Programme) is payable to EduStudy and that should the student registered with EduStudy or other signatories (where relevant) not fulfil the applicable financial obligations, EduStudy may retain evaluation results, the relevant qualification or course certification and/or make the necessary arrangements to ensure the settlement of the full amount pertaining to the courses / course programme registered for.

The signatory understands that this Agreement may be cancelled within seven working days after the signing by written notice to EduStudy in fax or electronic format. Should a student wish to cancel after the cooling-off period a course cancellation fee of 35% of the full study fee is payable. Should no such cancellation be received it is accepted that the student wish to continue with the programme for the minimum period of registration. Should the applicant be under 21 years of age and unmarried, his/her father or Natural Guardian must sign on his/her behalf. Please note that fees must be deposited into the EduStudy Programme) indicated on this form and that no monies may be handled or received by any student, consultant or other person claiming to be associated with EduStudy.







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